Woodstone Facades & Glazings Pvt. Ltd. is a Pune based Company which specializes in the exterior facades of buildings. The Directors and Promoters of the company are Civil Engineers and have an experience of over two decades in core building construction, and have diversified into this specialized activity in 2009.

Building facades have gathered immense importance in the past decade or so, with the rising demand of the Architects and Builders to establish identity and aesthetic significance. Building façade is a Science by itself and it needs a lot of dedicated research on material properties, installation techniques, maintenance, and all these go hand-in-hand with aesthetics.

We, at WFGPL, are a team of Engineers, Architects and Fabricators, and we provide complete TURNKEY solutions in FAVEMANC ventilated ceramic building facades across India.

Our Vision
We believe, every building deserves an identity. Every building has a purpose of its being. Every building must be a ‘landmark’. Every building must be ‘head turner’. Every building deserves dignity, personality, aura and intrinsic beauty. We, at WFGPL, visualize every building as a WOMAN.
Our Mission
To render TURNKEY solutions in building facades, across India, with façade systems, that not only will enhance the aesthetics, but will also be engineered to contribute immensely to the GREEN BUILDING concepts.