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A building FACADE, implies ‘FACE OF THE BUILDING”. It is the first impression made by the onlooker. The façade of the building must convey the correct impression to the onlooker and also serve the purpose of its user within.
Facade is necessarily an exterior system of panels and its supporting structures and are normally recommended to enhance the aesthetics, to protect the core of the building from the harsh actions of the weathering agents, to obtain natural as well as man-made insulation, to maintain required level of natural light and warmth, and to make the building look immaculate for years together.
The important criteria in the design concepts of a facade are height of the building, its orientation, climatology, and local weather.

    Salient Features
  • A Complete Exterior ventilated facade system with extruded clay clinker CERAMIC panels of favemanc of spain
  • Excellent aesthetics
  • Globally apporved material and installation methodology
  • Natural ventilation ensures stability of indoor temperatures
  • Saves energy and enhances carbon credits
  • Acts as a barrir against attacks of weathering agents on the building
High resistance to temperature variations Reduction of sound contamination up to 20%
  • Invisible subframe
  • Scratchproof, stain proof ANTI GRAFITTI
  • Watertight, Exterior plaster may be avoided.
  • Lighter than conventional dry stone cladding systems, 25kg/sqm
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Available in a variety of colors and shades.
  • Available in plain and double tone shades
  • Availabel in a matt, Glossy and rustic finishes
  • Can customize on colors and shades installations on colors and shades Installations and fixing guaranted for stability and durability.